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Automatron – Fallout 4 DLC Trailer

Newly released DLC trailer for Fallout 4. Automatron’s trailer leads me to believe there are issues within the robotics world and you are asked to search out the source of attacks. At the end of the trailer you see someone […]


Work in progress: “Midlife Gaming Crisis” writing incoming or something like it

I am reaching what could be described exactly as a midlife crisis. While I am not at the middle of my life I find myself to be reaching the half life of my gaming career. I have been playing video […]


NiP – ESL One Cologne – Lets GOOO!!!

Lets get that NiP hype going! WOOOOOOOOOO Tweet


Steam Greenlight: Little Devil Inside

Please take the time to check out this game that is getting tons of coverage around the net. It looks amazing and I look forward to seeing it for sale on Steam. Little Devil Inside Tweet


Looking for any other players of Cities Skylines

I just bought Cities: Skylines and would love to compare builds with people as I get going. I absolutely loved the new SimCity despite all of the issues. Seriously, hit me up and lets get out build on!! Steam: Almightytharo […]


EnVyUs vs. NiP in StarLadder Final

Sounds like EnVyUs has the advantage over NiP but I still can’t help but root for NiP. I don’t know why, but I always have liked these guys. Not to mention the love for the underdog. Tweet

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